Founding Fathers


Austyn Dalla Longa

Co-host of 3rd and Wrong & Fantasy Football for Dummies by Dummies. Am I qualified to be on a sports blog, you ask? Well, I won my Fantasy Football league in 2013, so you be the judge. Evidently a fan of blue teams: Montreal Alouettes, Toronto Maple Leafs (I see you snickering), Boston Red Sox, and New England Patriots (NOT just another spoiled Pats fan.)

Stephen Bolen

Co-host of 3rd and Wrong. I only cheer for teams that take me on emotionally damaging roller-coaster rides which happen to be the Seattle Seahawks, Saskatchewan Roughriders, Calgary Flames and Los Angeles Lakers. Cody Farjdo’s #1 fan (even if he doesn’t know it) and Ketchup on KD truther.

Ian Gustafson

Host of Baseline 2 Baseline. Favourite teams are the Calgary Flames (2004 Stanley Cup champions #ItWasIn), the 2019 NBA champion Toronto Raptors, Toronto Blue Jays, Saskatchewan Roughriders, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Zach Foth

Co-host of 3rd & Wrong and die-hard Believelander. If I’ve stuck with Cleveland sports for this long you know something came loose. All I’m trying to say is expect some dangerous hot takes from this Browns Lifer. Favourite Teams: Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavaliers, Toronto Argonauts.


Owen Lutz

Podcaster for Baseline 2 Baseline. 

Branden Lachapelle

Co-host of Fantasy Football by Dummies for Dummies