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Stevie-B Unfiltered: Seahawks versus Rams

Seahawks versus Rams

Well, what is there to say after a game like this. I’d like to tell you I’ve spent the last 72 hours collecting my thoughts and re-watching the game to present you with a well-nuanced recap of this instant Seahawks versus Rams classic. However, only cowards lie and as I’ve proven time and time again on 3rd & Wrong, I’m no coward. No, I’ve simply been procrastinating on this recap.

I’ve been holding back writing this because I have nothing to offer in terms of commentary on this game. What could I possibly say to enhance your view on this divisional battle that would top Russell Wilson’s MVP-like performance? Or Tyler Lockett’s leaning catch that would make Michael Jackson proud?

How about one of the most vilified safeties in Seahawks fan circles, Tedric Thompson as he replaces future Hall of Famer Earl Thomas making the play of his career intercepting barley catchable ball to help the Seahawks run more clock out on the ensuing drive? Or the Rams kicker, one of the most consistent of the decade missing the game-winning kick?

I can’t do this game justice with a recap because unfiltered or not, this game was more than just a victory for the Seattle Seahawks. It was a legacy-defining game for Russell Wilson.

One that many will turn to in the years to come when looking back on his career as the turning point where everyone finally woke up and realized we’ve been watching a top 5  top-two quarterback in the NFL for the last three seasons now.

I can’t do this game justice because unfiltered or not, this game may have been a career-saving game for running back, Chris Carson.

Who prior to last week was potentially going to get benched with his fumbling woes early on in the season, mainly the Saints game that likely cost them a victory. But Thursday night was different, 27 carries for 118 yards and a receiving touchdown reminded everyone what he’s truly capable of.

I can’t do this game justice because unfiltered or not, this game could serve as THE breakout game for Tyler Lockett. Seahawks fans have been familiar with him since 2015. However, many are just beginning to realize the potential that lies within the young receiver.

After the abrupt retirement of Seahawks legend, Doug Baldwin, Lockett has been thrust into the spotlight as Wilson’s #1 target. Whether he likes it or not, there’s an expectation that he produces on a weekly basis, thus far he’s risen to the challenge.

Finally, I can’t do this game justice because unfiltered or not, this game was a theatrical performance. The induction of former Seahawks owner, the late-Paul Allen into the Seahawks Ring of Honor set the tone of the emotional night that would lie ahead.

The game itself offered highs and lows that had Seahawks fans screaming (or tweeting) at every turn, moments of complete dispair (like the Rams seamlessly driving down the field matching every Seattle score).

And moments of complete jubilation as Greg Zuerlein’s game-winning attempt sailed wide right cementing the Seahawks 30-29 victory.

Since Carroll’s tenure began in Seattle back in 2010 there have been many games that have followed a similar pattern of emotional roller-coasters and with as many changes as there’s been over the last number of years, I suppose it was just nice to see that the magic hasn’t left yet.

The greatest challenge that lies ahead for the Seahawks is now collecting themselves for the rest of the season. As great as this game was, it was only the fifth game of the year.

Now task at hand is now the upstart Cleveland Browns team led by the charismatic Baker Mayfield. After that, they welcome back Earl Thomas and the Baltimore Ravens.

Throughout that time they’ll be keeping a close eye on the currently 3-0 San Franciso 49ers who appear to be trending upwards.

The onus is now on the leaders of this team from Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner to regroup and ensure that this game serves as a chapter in a storybook season and not the pinnacle.

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