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Stevie-B Unfiltered: Seahawks versus Saints

Seahawks versus Saints

Full disclosure to the fine folks, readers, listeners and followers of The Amateur Agency. I did not watch the Seahawks and Saints game in its entirety. Contrary to popular belief, I have a life outside of football, it’s marginal but it’s there. So this will be a bit different of a breakdown than the previous two recaps. Nevertheless, I’m all caught up and all I have to say is… YIKES.

Where It Went Wrong

Where do I start?


On the Seahawks third drive, running back Chris Carson fumbled after a 23-yard run that Vonn Bell of the Saints promptly returned for a touchdown to make the score 13-7. But it didn’t stop there, Pete Carroll was overly aggressive at certain points in going for it on fourth down.

Late in the second quarter, Seattle was faced with a 4th & 1 on the Saints 42-yard line. However, a Carson run to the right went for no gain and Saints went down and added to their lead in seven plays to make the score 20-7 at halftime. For those keeping score at home, that’s 14 points for New Orleans off turnovers before halftime.

Not Done Yet

Carroll was uncharacteristically aggressive in his decision making into the second half as well. The Seahawks would try two more times to go for it on fourth down. Failing to convert on both attempts. The latter turned into seven more points for the Saints on their ensuing offensive drive. That’s 21 points off turnovers.

While we’re on the topic of unexpected places to give up points, we can mention the punt return the Saints had for a touchdown in the first quarter.

Very uncharacteristic of a Seattle team that is otherwise very disciplined on special teams. Considering they have an All-Pro second-year punter in Michael Dickson, these kinds of mistakes shouldn’t be happening. So there we have it, the Seahawks gave up 21 points off turnovers and seven off a punt return. 28 of the Saints 33 points came off of Seattle mistakes.

But Wait

This is not to say the Seahawks did the cliche of “beating themselves”. That, in my opinion, is a cop-out for a porous performance across the board. It also needs to be discussed how poorly the Seahawks were at tackling against the Saints, namely running back, Alvin Kamara. As per Pro Football Focus, Alvin Kamara alone broke 18 tackles ALONE against the Seahawks on Sunday.

For a team with their own version of tackling called “The Hawk Tackle“, it took on a gross new meaning against New Orleans. In what’s being touted as one of the best front seven’s in football with the linebacker core of Bobby Wagner, KJ Wright and Mychal Kendricks, this kind of performance cannot happen again.

What Went Well

Honestly? Not a lot. Russell Wilson put up 50 attempts through the air, completing 32 of them for 400+ yards and two touchdowns. However, he also struggled hitting receivers in stride on multiple throws as well as missing a wide-open Tyler Lockett near the endzone.

But this is supposed to be on what the Seahawks did well and speaking of Tyler Lockett, he topped his personal best of 10 catches last week with 11 against New Orleans. That attributed to 154 yards receiving and a touchdown. And on a final positive note, the Seahawks didn’t allow a sack which is a major stride considering they given up four in the first half against Pittsburgh.

Seattle (2-1) now travels to Arizona to take on the 0-2-1 Cardinals. If recent history is any indicator, this game should not be taken lightly. Despite being in rebuilding mode, the Cardinals seem to lay it all on the line every time they face Seattle. Add Kyler Murray to the mix and there’s a potential trap game for Seattle. The Seahawks can ill-afford to lose inner-division games with the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers finding themselves at 3-0 to start the year.

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