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Stevie-B Unfiltered: Seahawks versus Steelers

Seahawks versus Steelers

Hello Amateurs, we’re back for Week 2 of the NFL. Hope you enjoyed last week’s edition of Stevie-B Unfiltered. This week, the Seahawks are tasked with going on the road to play the Pittsburg Steelers who are coming off an embarrassing loss to New England last weekend.

Personally, I’m not confident that the Seahawks secondary can contain this Steelers offence, so my attention will be on if Seattle will be willing to open up the offence early on to keep pace in what could be a shoot-out.

As mentioned last week, Brian Schottenheimer and Pete Carroll prefer to stick to a run-first offence to control the clock and keep the ball out of the opposing offence’s hands. However, if the Steelers score early and often, they will have to deviate from this course. Let’s get to the Seahawks versus Steelers.

1st Quarter

Steelers First Drive

After a hitch to tight-end Vance McDonald and a short run by James Connor, Ben Roethlisberger was sacked on third down. I’ll take the start!

Seahawks First Drive

Wilson has established the PASS with a 13-yard reception to national hero DK Metcalf, first down! Incomplete and a run on 2nd and 10 has Seattle facing a 3rd and 8 and Wilson was just destroyed by TJ Watt. That wasn’t very nice.

Steelers Second Drive

I’m not spelling out Roethlisberger every time for this game so we’re going with Big Ben. Big Ben looks hobbled on the second drive, Clowney batted down a pass on 3rd & 3 to force a Steelers punt.

Seahawks Second Drive

Well, that was enough passing on first down for Schotty, back to a Chris Carson run for a yard which is called back on an illegal block in the back. 1st & 19. But wait! They call another run on 1st & 19 and it goes for a first down! ESTABLISH THE RUN COWARDS.

1st & 10, another run for a yard but it’s called back for a holding on right tackle, Germaine Ifedi. 2nd & 14, a short pass to Tyler Lockett goes for 20 yards. Bless your soul Tyler. Wilson is sacked on second down. UGH. 3rd & 13. AND ANOTHER SACK. Did Tom Cable saunter his way back onto the Seahawks sidelines? What the hell is totally going on right now?

Steelers Third Drive

Holding on the Steelers has them backed on their own goal line. But a few designed passes to James Connor helps them pick up the first down. Linebackers need to step up. Big Ben just BARLEY overthrew a wide-open receiver 30-yards downfield. I am breathing heavy.

Seahawks Third Drive

Carson with a 17-yard run on first down. This running the football thing is fun when everyone executes their blocking. Offsetting penalties erase a 43-yard pass from Wilson to tight-end Will Dissly, that hurts.

Welp. Carson fumbles and it’s taken back for a touchdown. “Thankfully”, there was an illegal block in the back on the ensuing return, still Steelers ball. So much for establishing the run. Can we establish a drive?

Steelers Fourth Drive

James Connor runs for no yards.

2nd Quarter:

Steelers Fourth Drive (Continued)

A couple of incomplete passes make it 3rd & 5. Big Ben UNLOADS it to the endzone, incomplete but there’s a flag. Mychael Kendricks, he’s not having a good game thus far. Steelers punch it in from one-yard out. 7-0 Pittsburgh and now I’m #madonline

Seahawks Fourth Drive

Dump-off pass to Chris Carson goes for nine-yards, first down has been picked up on the next run by Carson. Brick-by-brick. 3rd & 9 and Seattle picks up a first down with a strike to Malik Turner. Wilson is taking more chances deep, a pass to Lockett is broken up by the Steelers safety. Damnit.

The Seahawks are out of timeouts with 11:42 left in the half. I’m no football expert (this is The Amateur Agency, after all) but I can say that’s not ideal. Rashaad Penny picks up a first on 3rd & 2. They keep going back to Penny, he keeps picking up yards, I don’t care how we get them anymore, just put points up.

On 4th & 1 the Steelers pick up a personal foul penalty to give the Seahawks a first down.

Seahawks make them pay with a Wilson touchdown pass from 15-yards out to Will “don’t diss me” Dissly for six. This is the content I pay to see.

Steelers Fifth Drive

I blinked and the drive was over, couldn’t even tell you what happened. They’re just punting. Moving along!

Seahawks Fifth Drive

Wilson is sacked on second down, Tuitt is just tormenting the Seahawks offensive line. Embarrassing.

Steelers Sixth Drive

A couple of key passes has Pittsburgh in field goal range but it looks like Big Ben’s throwing arm is bothering him, I’m no doctor but that can’t be good. Offensive pass-interference moves the Steelers back to 3rd & 14. They’ll cap this one off with a field-goal.

Seahawks Sixth Drive

Under two-min left, Seahawks starting on their own goalline. Big pass to Malik Turner gets them to the 30. No timeouts left! My palms are sweaty and I’m barely able to type this and people think being a blogger is easy or glamorous, I’m giving you an inside look to all of this.

Back to the game, 1:13 left and running, on Steelers 36-yard line. DJ Fluker is down with an injury. Seahawks with some poor clock management leaving Jason Myers to attempt and miss a 58-yard field goal.

3rd Quarter

Seahawks Seventh Drive

An incomplete pass to Tyler Lockett kicks things off. GOOD. Schotty with the signature 2nd & 10 run play brings up 3rd & long. Seahawks can’t pick-up the first down and punt back the Big Ben-less Steelers.

Steelers Seventh Drive

Mason Rudolf (WHO?!) is in at quarterback for the Steelers. A short run and an in-completions bring up third-down. Third down, Bradley McDougald PICKS OFF Rudolf (I’ll come up with a Rudolf the red-nose reindeer pun later).

Editors note: He never did.

Seahawks Eighth Drive

“You have Russell goddamn Wilson at quarterback and you’re running the ball like you have Tristan Lansdall at quarterback” – Tristan Lansdall

Truer words have never been spoken as the Seahawks run into another wall on 1st & 10. However, Wilson connects with Metcalf for a first down, he has five catches for 33 yards on the day.

After a few incompletions, Wilson hooks up with tight-end Nick Vannett for a first down absorbing a huge hit after the catch. I can’t type fast enough, Wilson to Dissly for six! TIGHT-END TAKEOVER TAKING PLACE IN PITTSBURGH.

Steelers Eighth Drive

Pittsburgh is now leaning on their run game to help Rudolph. A big run by James Connor for the first down. Nevermind, a flea-flicker to JuJu Smith-Schuster has the Steelers in Seahawks territory. The drive ends in a field goal, 14-13 Seahawks.

Seahawks Ninth Drive

Drive starts with a…PASS. First down to Tyler Lockett. Swing pass to Carson, another first down! Schotty might just be real news.


Steelers Ninth Drive

I’ve barely been watching this drive, I’m still thinking about Rashaad Penny. He looked so graceful on that run like he was skating down the field. And Wilson run-blocking for him, my heart is full.

Back to the game, Kendricks has turned his game around this half, making key tackles on passes limiting the yards after catch by the Pittsburgh receivers.

4th Quarter

Steelers Ninth Drive (Continued)

Shaquill Griffing with solid defence on JuJu to prevent a touchdown, Steelers still driving with a Mason Rudolf rush for a first down on the next play. So I guess Rudolf is the second coming of Tom Brady because he just put Pittsburgh back in the game with a touchdown to Vance McDonald. Two-point convert is no good, 21-19 Seahawks.

Seahawks Tenth Drive

A couple of penalties have the Seahawks facing 1st & 25. I got nothing. 3rd & 20. Seahawks challenge a no-call on defensive pass interference and it’s overturned. Seahawks first down.

HUGE TOUCHDOWN PASS TO DK METCALF. If I ever hear his name and the word “bust” mentioned in the same sentence and that sentence isn’t “DK Metcalf isn’t a bust”, I’ll be under that person’s bed. 28-19 Seattle!

Steelers Tenth Drive

I blacked out in excitement, I think the Steelers punted.

Seahawks Eleventh Drive

Carson just fumbled it and it’s Steelers ball on the one. I hate this team sometimes.

Steelers Eleventh Drive

Touchdown Steelers, Rudolf to McDonald. 28-26 Seattle. Time to lose more hair, patience and dignity watching this game.

Seahawks Twelfth Drive

First down pass to Tyler Lockett kicks things off for this Seahawks drive. Less than four minutes left, my blood pressure is climbing. Wilson using his legs now despite the crap field trying to claim his knee on the one slide. Seahawks in field goal range, 4th & 1. I have no idea what they’re going to do.

Seahawks pick up the first! Less than two minutes left, Steelers have just one timeout left.

So that’s that. Seahawks win! Wow, that was more difficult than it needed to be but the Seahawks move to 2-0.

Closing Thoughts

Trying to collect my thoughts on this Seahawks win but the only word that keeps coming to my mind is “grit”. Neither of the Seahawks two victories early in 2019 have been pretty but they exemplify (for better or worse) Pete Carroll’s philosophy and the competitive nature he instills in his team year after year. Carroll evidently enough has a mention in the book Grit by Angela Duckworth.

Two Carson fumbles, being down early in a hostile environment, the offensive line being manhandled in the first half, having a back-up quarterback come in and dissect your defence. It didn’t matter, the Seahawks held on, capitalized on turnovers and trusted their franchise quarterback to make plays when it mattered. Speaking of which, Wilson had a magnificent game 29/35, 300 yards and three touchdowns.

Next up, the Seahawks are back at home against the New Orleans Saints, likely one of their toughest matchups of the season. Sunday, September 22nd, 4:25 PM EST.

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