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Stevie-B Unfiltered: Seahawks versus Bengals

Seahawks versus Bengals

Hello, Ammy’s (I think that’s what we’re calling our loyal followers/listeners, right guys)? I hope to release weekly Seattle Seahawks game recaps, considering I watch every game in its entirety, I thought why not make some content out of this. Let’s get to it, this week it’s the Seahawks versus Bengals.

1st Quarter

Bengals steady moving the ball in the first quarter against a Seattle defence that’s missing Ziggy Ansah and LJ Collier. A roughing the punter penalty has extended the Bengals second drive. Pressure on third down forced Dalton to throw the ball away leading to a Cinncinati field goal. With Ansah out, when Clowney takes a down off, the Seahawks are failing to generate much of a pass rush.

The Seahawks second drive starts with a short run to Chris Carson on 1st & 10. The Bengals bring pressure on second down leading to a sack on Wilson for an 11-yard loss. A short draw on 3rd brings an end to Seattle’s drive. However, Cinncinati fumbles the following punt giving Seattle the ball back on the 40-yard line. Thank God.

The end of the first quarter draws to a close with a nine-yard reception by Carson tacked on with a one-yard rush for a first down.

2nd Quarter

Seahawks drive stalled at the start of the second quarter with the Bengals bringing more pressure that Seattle’s offensive line couldn’t handle. The drive ended with Seattle punting on 4th & 27. Thankfully for Seattle, the Bengals were pinned on their own 10 to start the drive that quickly ended in a three and out after a Quinton Jefferson sack on 3rd & 5.

The Seahawks have been able to pick up a couple of first downs with passes to tight end, Will Dissly and DK Metcalf. After a pass interference call on the Bengals, Carson punches in the one-yard touchdown. Phew.

Bengals next drive gets off to a hot start with a 36-yard reception to their tight end followed by a 33-yard flea-flicker for a touchdown by Andy Dalton to John Ross. That didn’t even hurt me, it all happened so fast.

Seahawks go three & out again. I got nothing, this is getting difficult to watch. Time to go check on my chilli.

Not sure what happened on the Bengals last drive but the Seahawks have the ball and Wilson just threw a bomb to DK Metcalf. I just screamed out loud, thank God nobody is home.

Ugh. Another run on 2nd and 10, a Brian Schottenheimer staple. 3rd & 7 with 57 seconds left in the half. A pass to Carson that looked like it was sniffed out by the Bengals defence immediately goes for six as he fights for the pylon from ten yards out. 14-10 Seattle.

BLOODY HELL. John Ross just Mossed free safety Tedric Thompson for a massive touchdown with seven seconds left in the half. The Bengals are up 17-14. I can feel my hair falling out of my head. I’m going to be bald by 24 and it’s all Thompson’s fault. Where the HECK is Earl Thomas? Why is he in Baltimore and not patrolling Seattle’s secondary?

3rd Quarter

Seahawks start the second half guns-a-blazing… with a Chris Carson fumble on the first offensive possession. I am FLABBERGASTED.

Seahawks catch a break with a BIG MAN interception, defensive tackle Al Woods takes in the defected Dalton pass. Seattle chooses not to do anything with that though as they run the ball two times in a row for a net gain loss of eight yards.

Giovani Bernard just ran it for like a million yards, the Bengals are in Seahawks territory. I’m dying a slow, painful death right now.


Wilson sacked back-to-back times after the missed field goal. I need a drink. What in God’s green earth is going on right now? I’ve seen more 3rd and long’s in this game than my 2011 high school football team, we didn’t win a game that year. Still had fun though, I’m not having fun right now.

After a lengthy drive, the Seahawks stuffed the Bengals on 4th & 1 in Seattle territory. Time to go back and take the lead. Please.

DK METCALF GIVE ME LIFE. Huge catch on third down to extend the Seahawks drive. The third quarter mercifully comes to an end with a Germaine Ifedi holding call. Because why have consistently nice things when you can just not?

4th Quarter

TYLER LOCKETT HAS THE KEYS TO MY HEART. WILSON WITH A 45-YARD TOUCHDOWN PASS. I AM YELLING IN MY OWN HOME AGAIN. Brian Schottenheimer, where the hell was this aggressive play-calling all game?

Ensuing Bengals drive, Dalton is sacked by Jefferson once again. He’s filling in nicely for a battered Seahawks defensive line. The crowd is back in it, my chilli may be burning.

Bengals are driving again, in Seattle territory. Dalton has to Dalton this at some point, no? It’s clockwork with quarterbacks like him. Tre Flowers called for a questionable pass interference call, this year in the NFL, they can be challenged. Pete Carroll has tossed the red flag on the field, this one is under review.

Call stands, ugh. Flowers breaks up a pass on first and goal on the play following. Clowney has SPEED, chasing Dalton to the sideline to force third and goal. Seahawks FINALLY get a stop on the 12th play of the drive. Field goal for the Bengals to make it 21-20 Seattle.

OUCH. A Tyler Lockett drop, we literally haven’t seen that in forever, 2nd and 10. Schotty dials up his ever so creative halfback dive, it’s third down.

Cincinnati’s drive stalls after consecutive throws batted down at the line of scrimmage, four on the day for Dalton. Seahawks ball with 3:22 left in the game. A HUGE 21-yard rush by Carson, if there’s ever a time to run the ball, it’s late in the fourth when maintaining a lead. The Bengals are out of timeouts, the two-minute warning is here.

After a Seahawks penalty and a pair of timeouts later, the Bengals have 21 seconds and no timeouts left. Dalton is stripped of the ball and Seattle recovers! That was closer than it needed to be but that’s Seahawks football for you! Hawks escape with a 21-20 victory.

Closing Thoughts


That was probably the last scenario I envisioned for this game when I first saw Cincinnati on Seattle’s schedule for Week One. The elements that stuck out the most in this game is Seattle’s conservatism on offence minus a few shots Wilson took targetting Metcalf and Lockett. It appears Carroll and Schottenheimer stand by their run-first gameplan despite it blowing up in their face against Dallas in the playoffs last season. Perhaps as Wilson gains more confidence with his new receiving core the offence will open up but that’s more wishful thinking than analysis on my part.


Minus a few major gaffs on defence, they played a sound game. The secondary is absolutely a cause for concern with Dalton throwing for a career-high. That could be amended with increased pass-rush production once they get Ansah and Collier back on the defensive line.

Zach, Auzzie and I will have a full Week 1 recap from across the NFL on our next episode of 3rd & Wrong.

Next up: Seattle Seahawks @ Pittsburgh Steelers. Sunday, September 15th, 11:00 AM.

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