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#16 – Nik Kowalski Interview, Dalton vs Foles, and Tomato Juice


The fellas at 3rd & Wrong are pleased to welcome on Nik Kowalski of Last Word on Canadian Football. Nik is a lifelong Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan and has been writing on the CFL for a number of years. During Canadian Corner, the guys chatted about Week 1, the Simoni Lawrence suspension, some Week 2 predictions and we find out if Nik prefers Ketchup on his Kraft Dinner.

Stephen & Auzzie also broke down some of the latest news (and fake news) coming out of the NFL recently, such as Brett Favre teasing un-retirement on Instagram. Good Take/Bad Take contained our listeners’ submissions including a few questionable takes on the Tennessee Titans, Carolina Panthers and the New York Giants.

Tell It To My Ass had Austyn fired up as he can’t stand it when players predict (or guarantee) a championship victory prior to the season. And finally, on Steve’s Savoury Food Segment, Steve goes in on tomato/clamato juice.

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Find Nik Kowalski on Twitter @nik_kowalski.

And as always you can find us on Twitter @austynpaul_ & @stevebolen22

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