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#14 – Haskins Train, Baker a Bad Teammate, and Shower Beers


The guys talk about the latest happenings around the NFL, including a superstar that wants a new team.

In Tell it to My Ass, Auzzie and Steve are fed up with the latest coming from the Cleveland Browns, and it might not be what you expect.

In Good Take/Bad Take, there is a spicy take from a member of the NFL Network that the guys question heavily, as well as a take regarding who will be the best RB in the NFL next season.

Stepping into the Canadian Corner, the season is soon upon us! The Alouettes’ future continues to be up in the air as the guys discuss the latest rumours. The NFL makes its way to Canada as a Week 3 Preseason game is confirmed to be coming to Winnipeg. 3rd & Wrong announces a potential guest for next week’s episode.

The Listener Submissions is a breath of fresh air as listeners admitted when they were dead wrong with their sports takes.

Steve’s Savoury Food Segment includes a controversial way to drink beer.

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