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#11 – Jets do Jets things, CFL CBA Agreement, Browns Hate & Dipping Sauces


Steve and Auzzie take a look at the latest Jets blunders as they’ve fired two executives, after the draft. The Patriots continue to swindle the league bringing back Jamie Collins after trading him for a 2nd round pick two years ago. And the fellas thank a judge for saving everyone’s eyes from the Robert Kraft spa video.

Tell it to my a** features the guys taking aim at a certain publication for saying the NBA has surpassed the NFL in popularity. Meanwhile, in Good Take/Bad Take, Dan Orlovsky’s claim of Daniel Jones being in a position to succeed is debated. And abolishing the draft? Or implementing a lottery system? How can the NFL Draft be improved, if at all?

Canadian Corner features good news as the CFL and CFLPA have come to an agreement on the CBA. Steve is all aboard the punter train after meeting Stampeders punter Rob Maver on the weekend. It also didn’t hurt that the Riders signed former-Seahawks punter, Jon Ryan.

Listener submissions cover everything from Andrew Luck, DK Metcalf, the Browns and Zion Williamson (we’re just as confused as you are). Finally, in Steve’s Savoury Food Segment, Steve has a bone to pick with McDonalds BBQ Sauce, much to Auzzie’s disagreement.

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