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Breaking Down the First Season of Collin Sexton


As bleak as the 2018/2019 season was for the Cavaliers there were a few shiny assets that stood out. Even though the front office has turned to this year’s draft, I’m going to take a few moments to analyze last years pick Collin Sexton.

In what seemed to be a stacked class of rookies Collin looked like a promising talent for the Cavs. Being chosen at 8th overall was a great value pick for a franchise lacking assets after Lebron James left in free agency. Sexton had a very trying first half of the season but turned it around in the final three months. He averaged more than 20 points per game which was a welcoming sign to a team looking for offensive consistency.

I will analyze three areas of Collins game (Floor management, Shooting and defence), each receiving a letter grade. At the end of the article, I will give Collin an overall final grade for his rookie season. All stats will be taken from

Let’s begin,

Floor Management

This area focuses on basketball IQ, awareness and passing. I won’t be the first person to tell you Collin had his struggles here. Early in the season Sexton looked oblivious on the floor and relied on his athleticism to do anything when on the court.

However, as the season progressed Collin did show improvement. Collin averaged only 3 assist a game by the end of his rookie campaign, leaving much to be desired. Hopefully, as Collins scoring ability continues to grow more passing lanes will open up and allow Collin to dish the ball more consistently.

Overall Collin had a high usage rate at 25.3% with a low turnover rate of 2.3 which shows promise for a starting rookie point guard in the NBA.

Grade: C+


Shooting is Collins greatest skill. He finished with a true shooting percentage of 52% and a 3-point percentage of 40.2% and a free throw percentage of 83.9% showing great consistency for a rookie point guard. Collin also broke Kyrie’s most 3-point baskets scored by a rookie in Cavaliers history.

Collin showed great ability to get to the hoop. He used his athleticism to create shot opportunities and showed the finesse to knock down creative jump shots and layups.

Overall Collin showed great potential in his shooting ability. Out of the 3 areas, this is the one I could see Sexton becoming a star in.

Grade: B+


The Young bull showed much better defence in college than his young NBA career. Effort was the name of the game for Sexton in college and his rookie season was proof that it didn’t translate well.

Collin should keep his effort up which will help but he needs to focus on his defensive IQ if he ever wants to get good on this end of the floor.

If Collin ever wants to get to an elite level or become a star this is a big area for him to develop in.

Grade: C-


For a rookie season, Collin showed great improvement throughout the year. He went from a point guard that showed very little potential to the best offensive weapon on the Cavaliers. If Collin continues this progression, he could find himself as a prominent point guard in the NBA.

Final Grade: B

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