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#6 – CFL Slander, AB vs Juju Twitter Beef, and Mushrooms: Good or Bad?


Auzzie and Steve get right into it, talking about the NFL’s latest $100 million dollar man. Next, they get to the latest Seahawks rumours, which include trading two key players, the Patriots make a couple of key signings, and an ex-coach has a spicy take.

They move onto “Tell it to My Ass” where they address the Twitter beef that Antonio Brown stirred up with Juju Smith-Schuster. A Boston media member has a horrible opinion of the CFL that the guys let you know about. Next, they move onto a couple of QB comments, including one that gets Steve heated.

Good take/bad take involves the slander of a prominent member of the media, and whether Jamaal Charles is a surefire Hall of Famer.

Taking listeners into the jam-packed Canadian Corner, the guys cover everything. An ex-NFLer makes his way to the CFL, while a long-time player retires. The CFL 2.0 initiative sees European players make their way to the CFL by draft, and Austyn highlights his two favourites.

Thank you for the Listener Submissions, the guys had lots to go through, and there were some doozies, but the guys had some fun with them.

Are mushrooms good or bad? Steve’s Savoury Food Segment opens the debate you never knew you needed.

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