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Baseline 2 Baseline – Episode 3

Zach makes his Baseline 2 Baseline debut alongside Tristan & Ian. They wasted no time getting hot takes get rolling. First, the fellas broke down the games they’re looking forward to the most in March Madness this weekend and where they went wrong so far on their brackets.

Take a wild guess on who defends LeBron’s honour and tells everyone how much blame the King really deserves and who’s actually responsible for the Lakers porous season. Clippers>Lakers as a free agent destination? It’s possible. Next, Trae Young or Luka Doncic? The guys have a consensus pick but agree an argument can be made for both.

Finally, the crew breaks down the bottom seeds of the playoff race and who they’d like to see in the playoffs and debates are had as to which jersey the Raptors should retire in light of the Chris Bosh Miami Heat jersey retirement.

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