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Episode Two: Baseline 2 Baseline

Tristan & Ian breakdown their picks from each region as well as their sleepers for March Madness. Next, Tristan takes issue with Ian’s recently released article detailing the two teams the Raptors wouldn’t want to see in the first round. (Hint: It doesn’t include the Miami Heat). Stephen offers his two cents even though no one really asked.

The fellas then dive into the San Antonio Spurs guaranteeing themselves a winning record (again) and who deserves more of the credit, coach Popovich or the players that have come before him. Tristan, Ian and Steve then give their top 5 starting 5 of all-time and debate who’s team would beat who.

Finally, the guys admit where they were wrong from last week’s episode on takes that didn’t age well. AT ALL.

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  1. You guys are knowledgeable! Great voices!!

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