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Episode One: Baseline 2 Baseline

The Amateur Agency

Stephen Bolen subs in for Zach Foth as he joins Tristan Lansdall and Ian Gustafson for the first ever episode of Baseline to Baseline presented by The Amateur Agency!

The guys first break down who they think the Most Valuable Player will be this year as well as who they believe the Most Improved Player will be. Next, a look into the current playoff picture in the East and West Conferences as the final playoff push is coming to a close over the next month. Debates are had on who has the biggest advantage over each team in their projected matchups.

Finally, Stephen goes off on a tangent on the failure of a season for the Los Angeles Lakers. He pinpoints who’s to blame for the lost season. Tristan & Ian then get under Steve’s skin more when they imagine what life would’ve been like had the Lakers kept D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle.

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