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Two Round Pre-Combine NFL Mock Draft


With the NFL combine this weekend it is the perfect time to release my first mock draft of the offseason. Although I know there are a ton of trades in the NFL draft this two-round mock draft will have no trades. The picks made are what I believe could happen, as well make sense for the team selecting to get the most production out of the prospect.

Free agency will likely affect team needs and affecting who lands where, but I will be releasing another mock post free agency. Let me know what you think about your favourite teams’ selections in the comments!

Round One

1. Arizona Cardinals: Quinnen Williams – Interior DL – Alabama

The NFL is a copycat league, we just watched a Super Bowl that had two playoffs teams that generated a majority of their pressure from the interior, it is the quickest way to the quarterback. I think the Cardinals mimic the idea especially since they aren’t in a dire need of an edge rusher since having Chandler Jones. The final reason I believe Williams is the pick and not Nick Bosa is because they are switching to a 3-4 defense; I know Nick Bosa is a special kind of talent, and I don’t doubt he can stand up and get to pressure but his time in Ohio State we have seen him with his hand in the dirt.

2. San Francisco 49ers: Nick Bosa – Edge – Ohio State

49ers fans rejoice! One of the biggest things needs on the 49ers is an edge rusher, and they manage to get arguably the best edge rusher we have seen in years. Nick a better prospect coming out of college then his all-pro brother Joey Bosa. He has the physical traits along with the production to be considered a day one game changer for this 49ers defence.

3. New York Jets – Josh Allen – Edge – Kentucky

This is one team I could see trading down on draft day, they don’t have much draft capital since moving up for hopeful franchise QB Sam Darnold last year, but if the Jets stay put the get themselves arguably the best defensive player to ever come out of Kentucky. Adam Gase has said the Jets will be sticking to a 3-4 defence which will be perfect for Josh Allen. The Jets have committed to building a strong secondary with Jamal Adams leading the way, now they get themselves a guy who can get to the quarterback.

4. Oakland Raiders – Rashan Gary – Edge – Michigan

The first of the Raiders three…. yes, three first round picks gets them a guy who can get to the quarterback. In the 2018 season, the Raiders managed to trade one of the best pass rushers in the NFL, then publicly complain that they were unable to get to the quarterback. The Raiders finished dead last in the league for sacks with 29 fewer than the 31st ranked team. Gary is a guy who will blow up the NFL combine. He is pure traits and could be one of the biggest boom or bust picks. He has a ton of versatility with the ability to play inside or out; giving John Gruden a fun chess piece on defence.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Clelin Ferrell – Clemson

The Bucs have a ton of needs throughout their offence and defence, allowing them to go a lot of directions with this pick. Having a weak secondary the best way to help them out is get to the quarterback faster. Ferrell has been dominant during his time at Clemson; being their fifth all-time sack leader. He could have entered the draft last year and been a first round pick but wanted to play his senior season and win a national championship. He not only accomplished it but while doing so he proved to NFL teams that he is worthy of a top ten pick as he only became more of a force to be reckoned with.

6. New York Giants – Kyler Murray – Quarterback

I do not have any doubt the Giants take a quarterback here. The only question is will it be Dwayne Haskins or Kyler Murray? Murray isn’t your prototypical quarterback only being around 5’10” but he has proven time and time again that his size doesn’t restrict him from being an elite quarterback. He is arguably the best high school quarterback ever; he grew up and played in Texas the football capital of the US. Then he went onto win the Heisman trophy. While dominating in football he managed to excel in baseball to being a first-round selection in the MLB. Just like Haskins, Murray can make every throw the reason I believe the pick is Murray and not Haskins though is simple. The ability to use his athleticism on options with one of the best running backs in the NFL will cause nightmares for NFL defences.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars – Dwayne Haskins – Quarterback

I absolutely love Dwayne Haskins, he was dominating at Ohio State and I believe the most talented quarterback Urban Meyer has ever had in his extremely successful coaching career. A major knock on Haskins is the sample size we have on him. While we only have seen him start for one year it was extremely impressive; breaking Ohio State passing records, and being up for Heisman consideration. He needs to be more consistent on throwing deep but if you closely watch a lot of the criticized deep throws by him it was more of him not having the chemistry with receivers, I think this is something the NFL is instantly going to help him with. If the Jags can protect the pocket passer (despite what Stephen A. Smith says) I think they will be extremely happy with their selection finding themselves a franchise QB.

8. Detroit Lions – Ed Oliver – Interior DL – Houston

The Lions could go a lot of directions. If you are picking in the top ten obviously you have a lot of holes. Ed Oliver at the start of the season was someone people said could be up for the Heisman, something that is unheard of for a defensive player. He is getting a lot of hate for his size, and I do not understand why. Has the NFL not learned from when they said Aaron Donald was too small to play interior defensive line allowing him to fall in the draft? (Donald is now the best defensive player in the NFL) I think he is going to go to the combine and dominate reminding teams why he should be a top pick consideration. He can stop the run, and get to the passer just line him up inside of the edge rushers allowing him to go to work.

9. Buffalo Bills – Jawaan Taylor – Offensive Tackle – Florida

Taylor is big and powerful allowing him to be great in the pass and run game. There is a massive need at right tackle for the Bills and I believe Taylor is the instant fix to this problem. The Bills drafted who they hope is their franchise quarterback last year in Josh Allen, now they have to commit to protecting him shoring up that weak right side of the offensive line.

10. Denver Broncos – Devin White – Linebacker – LSU

John Elway it appears has decided to kick the quarterback need down the road in trading for Flacco who I think is going to revitalize his career. I think Denver commits to the new head coach Vic Fangio getting the defensively minded coach someone who can be the general of the defence. Devin White will give the Broncos the ability to cover the tight end something they have been missing for a long time. White has the ability to take away the middle of the field and the athleticism to spy the quarterback something the Broncos will be needing when Mahomes is going to be escaping the pocket making plays for a long time twice a year.

11. Cincinnati Bengals – TJ Hockenson – Tight End – Iowa

The Bengals on paper are not a terrible team, they did not perform well this year but if they want any hope they need to surround Dalton with as many weapons as possible. Andy Dalton’s best season was when he had an elite tight end option with Tyler Eifert being healthy. The team is heading into free agency with potentially no tight ends on their roster. For both of these reasons I think they go get themselves the best tight end in the class and hopefully a piece that helps them get back into playoffs.

12. Green Bay Packers – Montez Sweat – Edge – Mississippi State

I think there is a misconception that the Green Bay Packers are a good football team because they have Aaron Rodgers. The truth is they have holes all over the place, Aaron Rodgers simply allows them to be not picking higher in the draft. Sweat has shown in college that he can be the franchise pass rusher that goes up against left tackles and wins. He will need to work on his ability on run defence but the Packers are getting themselves a great pass rusher here and have another first round pick later on to continue to build this team.

13. Miami Dolphins – Drew Lock – Quarterback – Missouri

The Ryan Tannehill experiment finally comes to an end with what the Dolphins hope is their franchise QB. Drew Lock has the build and arm strength NFL scouts look for in quarterbacks. He is definitely the third best quarterback in this draft and it’s a pretty big fall off after him so I don’t see why the Dolphins wouldn’t take him. My major concern with Lock is his accuracy, but it has improved over his four years of starting at Missouri going from 49% completion percentage to 62%. Although he has undoubtedly the strongest arm in the draft he misses open receivers too often and is the reason why he isn’t the first quarterback selected in the draft.

14. Atlanta Falcons – Christian Wilkins – Interior Dline – Clemson

There is a glaring need on the Falcons right now and it is the interior defensive line, lucky for them the class is loaded with talent. The Falcons got ran all over last year and apart of the problem is their linebacker core are the size of safeties, they do a phenomenal job helping on pass defence but teams have clued in and pound the rock on them. Wilkins is a guy who can eat up blocks and take on double teams allowing the smaller framed linebacker to use their athleticism to make tackles in open field.

15. Washington Redskins – Johan Williams – Offensive Tackle – Alabama

I believe the Redskins will be moving up to get themselves one of the top three quarterbacks since they do not have one since Alex Smith had a gruesome leg injury that will likely be career ending, but I could also see this as a potential landing spot for someone like Nick Foles. They aren’t in need of a tackle having one of the best left tackles in the NFL and a very good right tackle, but due to Williams size and arm length, he will be moved to guard. If the Redskins were to draft Williams who is a steal at fifteen, in my opinion, they would have arguably the best offensive line in the NFL.

16. Carolina Panthers – Greedy Williams – Corner – LSU

Carolina took Greedy’s corner partner last year in the second round, this year they reunite the combination hoping to create a secondary they can trust. Williams is flying under the radar heading into the NFL offseason because of his low interception numbers but if you go watch an LSU game there is a simple reason to why he has low numbers: quarterbacks don’t throw the ball his way. He has lockdown ability and I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes a lot earlier then pick sixteen.

17. Cleveland Browns – DeAndre Baker – Corner – Georgia

Last year Cleveland had two top five picks taking one of my favourite players in the whole draft Denzel Ward. The corner in his rookie season battled injuries throughout but when was on the field was dominate. Although Cleveland got themselves a true shut down guy last year I think they reinvest a premium pick this year on a corner again. Ward can’t do it on his own, he needs a guy across from him and Baker is the perfect fit. Baker is tremendous in man coverage with great athleticism and showed his ability verse teams like Alabama to lock down top receivers in the country. Cleveland is certainly building something great and I believe Baker is the next building block to continue that.

18. Minnesota Vikings – Greg Little – Offensive Tackle- Ole Miss

The Vikings need to do something about their offensive line it was abysmal last year. At 6’5 weighing 325 pounds, he has the arm length as well as the footwork to make teams fall in love with the left tackle prospect. I believe Little is the best pure left tackle prospect in the draft with great size and pass blocking ability. If the Vikings can polish his run blocking ability they will find themselves an anchor on the left side of their line for a very long time.

19. Tennessee Titans – Jachai Polite – Edge – Florida

The Titans don’t have many needs, and you can never have too many pass rushers. Polite has climbed up draft boards throughout the year and more of the best player available pick. The Titans can’t continue to rely on 32-year old Brian Orakpo, so bringing Polite in to share reps with him and last year’s second-round pick Harold Laundry would be a perfect fit.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers – Devin Bush – Linebacker – Michigan

Every since losing Shazier to a freak accident the middle of the field has been a struggle for the Steelers to defend. I really hope to see Shazier back on the field one day but the Steelers need to address the fact they really don’t have a middle linebacker (or at least a quality one). Bush is undersized only being 5’10”, 225 pounds but has shown the ability to be a three-down linebacker at his time with Michigan. He can shut down tight ends, and make plays in the open field. Putting him in a system that has a strong front seven will allow him to succeed day one in the NFL.

21. Seattle Seahawks – Byron Murphy – Corner – Washington

Although being a playoff team this past season I don’t believe this is a very strong roster and they could go a number of different directions. I believe Murphy is good enough to be Seattle’s number one corner day one. He is a playmaker who has excels in zone coverage making him a perfect fit in their cover three scheme. Murphy and Seattle are one of those perfect fits that just makes way to much sense to pass up.

22. Baltimore Ravens – AJ Brown – Wide Receiver – Ole Miss

The wide receivers in the class are deep, but it is time we see Baltimore commit to getting weapons on offence. For years now Ravens fans watched Flacco struggle but I have a hard time putting all the blame on him when they haven’t had a true number one receiver since Steve Smith. Lamar Jackson is heading into his sophomore season currently with only his legs and tight ends as weapons.

23. Houston Texans – Andre Dillard – Offensive Tackle – Washington State

Another team who needs to protect their young quarterback. Deshaun Watson at times has to run for his life it appears. Building a line in front of him to let him be comfortable in the pocket to use Hopkins and Fuller has to be priority number one. I could see him going a number of ways on defence as well especially to help their secondary which has holes all over the place. But with a class that is much deeper on defence, I believe they can address that later in the draft.

24. Oakland Raiders – Josh Jacobs – Running Back – Alabama

When discussing running back prospects there is always the questions of “how much tread is left on their tires?” meaning how much did they run in college. Running back is a punishing position, and Josh Jacobs is a guy who should have a ton of tread left on his tires. Jacobs is a very talented back who can be on the field for every down, and in Gruden’s offence, he can take the some of the load off Derek Carr.

25. Philadelphia Eagles – Brian Burns – Edge – Florida State University

Burns is the best player available pick, he has found himself in an extremely strong pass rushing class and the reason I believe he could fall to the Eagles lap.

26. Indianapolis Colts – Taylor Rapp – Washington

The Colts find themselves at a luxury having pick 34 in the draft as well. They need an interior defensive line, secondary help and receivers but with no safeties on the board, I think you go grab one of the best. Rapp is what you look for in an NFL strong safety having the ability to come down and stop the run. A pairing of Malik Hooker and him would make a dynamic duo at the safety position for the Colts.

27. Oakland Raiders – Jeffery Simmons – Interior Dline – Mississippi State

Simmons was a sure fire top 15 pick before suffering a torn ACL in a workout. He is supposed to be good to go by the regular season and is someone who I would be willing to take a risk on if I was the Oakland Raiders. Pairing Simmons with 4th overall pick Rashan Gary should be enough to get this team out of dead last in the NFL for sacks which will result in wins.

28. LA Chargers – Mack Wilson – Linebacker – Alabama

The Chargers are a great football team, but if they want a player who can impact them its Mack Wilson. The Chargers weak spot on this team is an inside linebacker, while Wilson is the best player on the board it fits a need.

29. Kansas City Chiefs – Nasir Adderley – Safety – Delaware

The Chiefs defence last year was brutal if it wasn’t for Mahomes putting up points like he did this would be a top 15 pick team. Adderley is a safety who has range and can be that single high safety the Chiefs are missing.

30. Green Bay Packers – DK Metcalf – Wide Receiver – Ole Miss

Aaron Rodgers needs some more weapons on offence. Although they need a lot more defensive help so they are able to grab one of the best receivers in the class. Having Adams on one side with Metcalf on the other will make fantasy owners of Aaron Rodgers very happy.

31. LA Rams – Cody Ford – Guard – Oklahoma

The Rams offensive line is ageing and showed weakness in the interior. Ford eliminates that coming in and potentially being a day one starter for them. He mainly played right tackle in his time in college and managed to do a pretty good job protecting quarterbacks as both of his previous QB’s became Heisman winners.

32. New England Patriots – Noah Fant – Tight End – Iowa

Gronk is on his last years, and you don’t often see prospect tight ends like Noah Fant sitting on the board for you when you just won a Super Bowl. Even in Gronk decides to play another year Fant allows the Brady Bunch to come out in various two tight end sets giving defences not one but two mismatches verse linebackers.

Round 2

33. Arizona Cardinals Jaylen Ferguson Edge Louisiana Tech
34. Indianapolis Colts Riley Ridley WR Georgia
35. Oakland Raiders Trayvon Mullen Corner Clemson
36. San Francisco 49ers Marquise Brown WR Oklahoma
37. New York Giants Yodny Cajuste OT West Virginia
38. Jacksonville Jaguars Irv Smith TE Alabama
39. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Deonte Thompson Safety Alabama
40. Buffalo Bills N’Keal Harry WR Arizona State
41. Denver Broncos Rock Ya-Sin Corner Temple
42. Cincinnati Bengals Daniel Jones QB Duke
43. Detroit Lions Oshane Ximines Edge Old Dominion
44. Green Bay Packers Jonathan Abram Safety Mississippi State
45. Atlanta Falcons David Edwards OT Wisconsin
46. Washington Redskins Jarrett Stidham QB Auburn
47. Carolina Panthers Dalton Risner OT Kansas State
48. Miami Dolphins DeAndre Walker Edge Georgia
49. Cleveland Browns Hakeem Butler WR Iowa State
50. Minnesota Vikings Dre’Monte Jones Interior DL Ohio State
51. Tennessee Titans Elgton Jenkins C Mississippi State
52. Pittsburgh Steelers Julian Love CB Notre Dame
53. Philadelphia Eagles David Montgomery RB Iowa State
54. Houston Texans Joejaun Williams CB Vanderbilt
55. Houston Texans Garret Bradberry C NC State
56. New England Patriots Zach Allen Interior DL Boston College
57. Philadelphia Eagles Kelvin Harmon WR NC State
58. Dallas Cowboys Deebo Samuel WR South Carolina
59. Indianapolis Colts Dexter Lawrence Interior DL Clemson
60. LA Chargers Jeffrey Tillery Interior DL Notre Dame
61. Kansas City Chiefs Devin Singletary RB Florida Atlantic
62. New Orleans Saints Parish Campbell WR Ohio State
63. Kansas City Chiefs Kendall Sheffield CB Ohio State
64. New England Patriots Chauncey Gardiner-Phillips S Florida

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